Train of Crater Impacts

Fragmented comets and asteroids are understood to be the source of a few "train of Craters" seen on the terresterial planets and moons. We proposed that the Lake Michigan "crater" was composed of aproximatly seven impactors.

Here are a few of the images available form remote sensing across the solar system:

torn Comet on Ganymede

Jim Phillips took it with his 8" refractor and got a result that's closer to spacecraft views than Earthly images. The Davy chain looks like a target for machine gun practice, being a line of 13-25 (depending on your resolution) small craters splayed across the floor and onto the rim of the 70 km wide Davy Y.

Here is another image of the Shiller crater. We percieve this to be a chain of closely spaced craters.

There are clear signs of a crater formation at the mid right of Schiller. Perhaps this crater made the middle part narrower