Carolina Bay of the Day Blogs on Google+

We are attempting to run a post on Google+ once a day to highlight a unique Carolina Bay. The blogs go back to December 2012, with earlier blogs having been replaced with updated versions. Begining July 12, I am taking a brief hiatus, as I attend to other tasks. Hopfully the daily posts will return in October.

To geospatially index the posts, I am using the Google Fusion Table database from my Carolina Bay Survey to generate a map with placemarks for each posted bay. Those placemarks will contain a link to take the viewers to the original post.

Alternatively, you can search all of the posts by Name Alphabetically or by Date.

Our Carolina Bay Survey uses a small number of Archetype overlays for capturing bay metrics in Google Earth. These pages summarize the bays that are captured with specific archetype templates:

bayBell bayShore bayOval

bayCarolina baySouth bayWest

Geospatial Index of all CBoD Posts (Open in new window)